Will roads be blocked in my neighborhood?

It may be necessary to temporarily reduce or detour traffic flow and close streets. In these instances, you will be notified in advance. We can help you locate parking if your driveway is temporarily blocked.

What type of equipment can I expect to see during construction?

Utility Equipment (drills, trenchers, excavators, etc), construction vehicles, trucks. No work will be conducted at night unless there is an emergency. The contractor may keep equipment within the work area for the duration of the project.

Will I be able to access my property during construction?

Yes, all properties will be accessible throughout construction.

Will the project affect trash and recycling pickup?

Trash and recycling pickup will continue to run as usual.

What would the working hours of this project be ?

The City will want to complete the project as soon as possible to minimize the time that residents will be inconvenienced. The contractor will generally work 6 days per week, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, weather permitting.

Will there be holes or trenches?

If it is necessary to maintain an open hole or trench, the contractor is required to make the area safe with fences, barricades, or other methods. Please be cautious around these areas.

Can a utility company come to your property without your consent?

The important takeaway is that utility companies can come to your property, even without your consent. They can use a portion of your land however they want, as long as it’s covered by an easement and for the purpose stated on the easement.

Can a utility company dig in my yard without permission?

Yes, unfortunately. A utility company can dig in your yard without permission. This happens all the time due to the use of easements. Power, telephone, gas, and water lines are buried underground, likely on your property.